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EKG Technician Training in
North Haven, Connecticut

EKG technicians play a critical role in the medical field by conducting electrocardiogram tests to monitor the electrical activity of the heart. Their expertise is instrumental in diagnosing cardiac conditions, assisting in treatment plans, and contributing to patient care.

At Excel Academy in North Haven, Connecticut, we offer comprehensive training for individuals who want to become skilled EKG technicians. Our program provides the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this important healthcare profession.

Curriculum Highlights

Join our comprehensive EKG Technician Course to acquire the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the field of electrocardiography. At Excel Academy, we are committed to providing top-notch education and training to empower individuals seeking a rewarding career as EKG technicians.

I’ve enjoyed my time at Excel Academy everyone is so helpful and understanding and they work with you to make the experience worth it. Nancy and David are great with communicating everything that you’d need to be updated with. Megan was a great phlebotomy teacher who made the class fun and enjoyable as well as preparing me and my classmates for the real work field. I highly recommend choosing excel academy if you want an educational yet exciting experience.
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